Ride Me Down Easy

from by Danny Glisten



This song by Billy Joe Shaver is in my opinion one of the most simple and beautiful country songs ever written. The song is pretty close to how I feel about doing music. However, I am not a hobo and I have never ever been to a rodeo, so I had to respectfully skip some lines and write some additional verses. I never had the intention of recording this, but after a long day in the studio out of a mood I picked it up and it came out quite alright. So I decided to put it here.


Ride me down easy Lord, ride me on down
Leave word in the dust where I lay
Say "I'm easy come, easy go and easy to love when i stay"

The highway she's hotter than nine kinds of hell
The rides, they's scarce as the rain
When you're down to your last shuck with nothin' to sell
And too far away from the train

Been a good month of Sundays and a guitar ago
Had a tall drink of yesterday's wine
Left a long string of friends, and some sheets in the wind
And some satisfied women behind

additional verses:

So it's one more door deal in more dive
And one more rat hole to crash in
And more morning that I curse my whole life
In one more town that I've been

Playing music is fun but my insurance bills
Climb higher than those hills
That stretch on the horizon by the end of the road
And another lonely day I have killed

Yeah, I've been to grad school, but I hope it doesn't show
Cause most the books I read, I wish I'd never known
But all the good people I met down the road
They sure have a place in my heart


from Simildenstr. Demo, released January 4, 2015
Music and original lyrics by Billy Joe Shaver, additional lyrics by me



all rights reserved


Danny Glisten Tokyo, Japan

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